Thursday, September 15, 2011

Crazy Days...

Well, this week has been a rough one, but these past two…intense! I don't know what's going on but, I have been more intense pain in my stomach and in my liver/rib area with the pain level close to 6/7, then at times going higher. Then on top of the fun pain, I have its friend nausea. I like to think of nausea as pains "school yard bully", it likes to come by way of more force with more intensity to slam ones opponent to ground like a bully would do! Yes, I have nausea 24/7 and it does come in waves of bad to worse...but these past couple of days I haven't been able to keep food down! That was with my anti-nausea I can't even keep any pills down...
Yesterday, I came VERY close to going to the ER...I do not have insurance so that would be an easy $1000 for one visit and that's if they just kept me for a couple hours...what is a girl to do? But, I will tell you this if I continue to get worse I will go into the ER! But, as I laid in bed today my wonderful mother was calling my GI doctor at Duke to see if he could call in another anti-nausea medicine that was in a liquid, dissolved strip, injection or any other form besides pill for me to take...still waiting to hear back from him since he was in procedures all day today! With all of this I have had a bad migraine headache I get this a lot and take two kinds of medicine for them...but you guessed it...I haven't been able to take it since I am throwing-up all the food and pills! YAY!!! FUN TIMES! :-) Last night, I got only about 3 hours of total sleep...
There is a silver lining! There is ALWAYS one! ;-) Today, like every Thursday I had my acupuncture session with Andrew Nowosad at the Acupuncture Healing Center. He was able to help tone down the nausea a wee bit as well as the pain! Also, he always helps take away my head aches! I encourage you to try to find a well trained and a great acupuncturist like I have found in Andrew. Now, acupuncture does work, however you have to be in it for the long can/could see short term results although the breakthroughs are scene after you a couple months treatment or sometimes it might take shorter or longer! I have heard of a lot of people trying it and they quit after a couple treatments, due to the fact they didn't "see" the results as "fast as they wanted"; so stick with it! 
Last thing I GI wants to see me to talk about doing a colonoscopy finally and doing the procedure for the Botox injections to relax the pyloric muscle in the stomach...also about the marvelous feeding tube! So it should be a very interesting appointment on Tuesday. 

Faith. Hope. Love.


  1. Good luck at your appointment! I hope you're able to find relief soon. Pain and nausea are the worst. <3

  2. Thanks so much Rachel! Yeah the those two really are the worst!