Saturday, September 24, 2011

Thinking Outside of the Box...

  I know there is a “Gastroparesis Diet” out there, but what it tells us to eat is everything that we are “normally” told to not eat too much of! In this diet we can’t really eat fruits or veggies! Also, it is broken down into three groups. Group Three is where your fat is limited to 50 gm per/day and fibrous foods are restricted. You can eat the most food, but still no fruits or veggies however you may try & eat a little fish & poultry. This one is designed for long-term maintenance. With Group Two they allow you to have additional calories by including small amounts of dietary fat; with less than 40 gm per/day. When you have GP you need to try to avoid fatty foods and oils as much as possible, for the reason that they delay stomach emptying! The worst one to be at is Group One, this just consists of liquids! Liquids usually leave your stomach quickly by gravity alone. If you can do this one you need to be in the hospital to keep from getting dehydrated, as well to make sure your body is getting adequate supply of salt and minerals that your body needs to survive! That’s just a quick overview of the GP Diet which one of the BEST GP doctors came up with!

            I have always eaten “pretty healthy” by American standards, before I was diagnosed with Endo and GP.  As I have been going through all these crazy health issues I have been really focusing on my allover health…and just not on each condition like some of my doctors have been doing. I love my team doctors & they have helped out a lot through this wild tangled roller coaster ride these past two and half years! We need to focus on our “whole body wellness”. What I mean by this is that we need to look for other outlets/sources to get “REAL” nutrients into our body to help heal it, give us energy and to cleanse us naturally! When I did the GP Diet, I felt & had worst symptoms! I was pretty much on Group One & Two. Now, let’s take a moment here to think about this…Why did I feel worst? Was the GP just getting worst? When I did the GP Diet all the foods were HIGHLY processed, and had very little nutritional benefits, to help my body to perform as well as to help heal its self! You just cannot stay healthy or live to long if you keep eating foods in those GP Diet groups continuously! So when I started to move outside of the GP Diet “guidelines” by blending wonderful very healthy smoothies with a Vita-Mix blender, which I would sip on over a course of about four hours. I started feeling “little” better! The smoothies would consist of carrots, kale, spinach, frozen strawberries, frozen blueberries, frozen, peaches, mangos, apple juice, and we would put in this AMAZING stuff Perfect Food Super Green Powder made by this GREAT company “Garden of Life” …etc. In addition, we juice “wheat grass”! I would also try different kinds of whey, soy, vegan, and liquid proteins to put in the smoothies…I found out later that I would throw-up the protein anytime it was put in…so we stopped with the protein and kept going with the smoothies! After doing smoothies for about three-four months without the protein I started to throw-up a little bit of the smoothies…so my thought was that the Vita-Mix was doing its job by keeping the whole fruit & vegetable that my stomach was protesting…hehe.
No worries my mother has a wonderful juicer made by Breville. By means of using a juicer you are able to get the full benefit of the fruits and/or vegetables you are juicing; but you do not have the whole part like what you would have in a smoothie! I have been juicing continuously going on two months now and been able to keep the juice down, which is wonderful! I am still not able to take in much because my stomach is extremely small, which fills up very fast! There are some great movies & websites about juicing, which I have posted at the bottom of this post. In addition, another great find I have been using for a month now is RAW Probiotics the women’s formula made by one of my favorite companies “Garden of Life”! I have noticed already a little difference with having taken this…and the one of the best part of this Probiotic is not that it is the BEST on the market…it is that you can OPEN the capsules so you can put it in your cold drinks and/or foods!  I will post later about how probiotics and digestive enzymes are so good for you…especially people with gastrointestinal issues!

To sum all this information up…I would just like to see GI/GP doctors to think more on the holistic side of things as well as the medical side of things! I know there are doctors out there that do work on just the holistic side of things…but we need to have them “mesh/fuse” together! As, I look at websites about GP trying to find out more about GP and the ways to “live” with it…it just makes me sad, mad & makes me want to help try to change the way we all look at this disease as a whole…There has to be a BETTER way to live with this and other diseases like this! We just have to be willing to think outside the box as well as our comfort zones!   

Side note…I have the GREATEST respect to ALL the wonderful doctors that are & have helped US and those who have GP! So what I have said in this post is not to be disrespectful in any way! Thank YOU for all your hard work!
Websites and great info about juicing!



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